The PMF Kappa League engages in monthly business meetings culminating with group mentoring and leadership development activities. Brothers from the chapter lead a session for members monthly intended to enhance their personal and professional development. Kappa Leaguers also participate in the planning and facilitation of monthly business meetings and engagements.


Kappa Leaguers participate in various social events throughout the year to build lasting bonds and friendships. Members have been to the Honda National Battle of the Bands, a Houston Texans football game, skate parties, and laser tag just to name a few. It is important for our members to engage with each other socially so they can develop in all aspects of life.


As members of the greater Houston area, our members have taken the responsibility to provide service in their community. The Kappa Leaguers have helped raise funds for Angel Tree as well as a community Thanksgiving food drive. We have also forged a partnership with the Pearland Community Gardens to provide assistance with beautification and cleanup twice per year.


Coleton Dudley
Phone: (918) 352-0905

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